Let's rock your memories !



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I care about every client and invest a lot of time and emotion in to each wedding to ensure your experience is not just OK but pretty damn awesome.

I want to show off your beauty, your personalities, your individuality and your love. It doesn’t matter if you are camera shy (I don’t know many people who particularly like having their photo taken!) So unwind and get comfy.  Let go of your inhibitions.  Treat me like a friend and you’ll look much more relaxed in your photos!

I make my best work when I’m excited and inspired.  So flaunt your love, your personalities, and your quirks.
I like to offer something different from other wedding photographers, and so I incorporate my background in fashion photography and fashion retouching to create creative photos with a «french touch» for all of the couples who hire me.
My style of shooting is creative and honest. I photograph as I observe. I tell stories and I get right in on the action!

I don’t like fake. I love emotion.
I love the in-between moments. I love vulnerability. I love telling stories. I love real.

I don’t want to be treated like a supplier and I don’t want to treat you like an invoice number. I want us to create a mini friendship. I give all I am into this and I ask if you can give as well. So give me your trust, give into the moment and  give into the experience of creating awesome images!

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, say hi!