I live in Toulouse with Monsieur V. (here he is next to me)

 I lived in Brighton for two and a half years: British culture has had a real influence on my work!

 I travel anywhere in France and abroad! This year I was lucky enough to do some super cool shoots in New York, Florence, Seville and England (I’m tiny, I fit in a suitcase. There’s nothing better than taking your photographer with you instead of your camera 😉

 I touch up your photos while listening to Brit pop, New Wave/Cold Wave and rockabilly!

 I studied at the Art, Media & Photography School (ETPA) in Toulouse from 2006 to 2009, and I’ve now been working as a professional wedding photographer for eight years

 As well as being a wedding photographer, I blog for Funky Wedding

 I got married in a green sequin dress in Las Vegas under the watchful eye of Elvis

I am a funky wedding Ninja!

I love my couples above all else. Some of my fiancés have even become friends.


Crédit : Poppy La'Rue